Organic flow battery
a key technology for the energy transition
Stationary bulk power stores
as an integral part of the electricity supply of the future
German organic
electrolyte-based high-tech
Nature as a role model
storing energy in organic molecules

German High-Tech

CMBlu, which employs 90 people, develops and manufactures organic electrolyte-based stationary bulk power stores for all sectors of the energy system at its Alzenau location in the FrankfurtRheinMain metropolitan region.

The organic flow battery represents a sustainable key technology for the energy transition.

Output & capacity scaling flexibility

Benefits of storing energy using the organic flow battery


Our organic flow technology enables industrial-scale batteries, the output and capacity of which can be scaled separately all the way to gigawatt territory.

Organic electrolytes

Our electrolytes are based on organic molecules. They are long-lasting, reusable and entirely recyclable.


Our high-performance batteries can be deployed flexibly and designed to be application-specific.

Nature as a role model

Storing energy in organic molecules

Every organism produces, stores, transports and consumes energy. They only utilize organic molecules for this purpose. This basic principle is also applied to the organic flow battery.