Nature as a role model

Nature as a role model
We store energy in organic molecules



The organic flow battery can be operated without using scarce or even critical raw materials. It is based on carbon, which is available worldwide to an almost infinite extent. This theoretically makes the organic flow battery infinitely scalable.


No scarce or critical raw materials are required to produce the battery. The raw materials are available locally. The components are easy to recycle.


Water is the largest component of the battery by volume. The battery is therefore not flammable and accordingly safe to handle. Measures to protect against fire and explosion risks are not required, the stacks can be positioned on top of or next to each other.

Cost benefits

The entire system is of low complexity and requires just a small handful of simple components. Requirements for obtaining approvals are low. Raw materials are available in large quantities, while the electrolytes are inexpensive. This battery reduces the costs of grid expansion.


The organic flow battery is modular. It can therefore easily be upgraded, by adding further components, and adapted to meet changed or extended requirements.